The Art of Music - Volume 12 Sampler

Fammi cantar

Fammi cantar - The Art of Music volume 12 (CD)

The concert recordings featured here date from 2017, 2018 and early 2019. During this period, the Art of Music gradually increased its membership from seven singers to nine, and in one concert which features heavily in this compilation, the alto Raluca Jorz also sang with the group. 

Franco-Flemish composers played a key role in developing Renaissance polyphony, to which much of this CD is devoted.

Publishing Date:   13th October 2019   (Concert in St. Alphonse Church, Luxembourg, 5 pm.)

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The Art of Music 

Jennifer Schofield and Magdalena Mateńko, soprano 

Marita Thomas and Nigel Heavey, alto 

Mick Swithinbank, tenor and direction 

Fabian Cini and Alan Carlisle, baritone 

Danijel Stanković and Edward Seymour, bass 

with Raluca Jorz, alto

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